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    Dear sir,
    I would like to Hardy's "The Dynasts" on this network.Kindly try to see if you can get the tbook online here.
    Thanking you,

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    Sorry I was unable to find that work. Is it a novel? Short Story? Poem? If so I may have missed it in a collection of his.

    Any other Thomas Hardy books you'd like?
    Chris Beasley
    The Literature Network

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    I will tell you a bit about dynasts:
    1903: Part One of The Dynasts, Hardy extended verse-play about Napoleon and the clash of powers he brought about, appears. Hardy inends it as his masterpiece.
    1906: The Dynasts: Part Two appears.
    1908: The Dynasts: Part Three is published.
    Anyway,thanks for trying it out.
    I appreciate your prompt reply.
    Good day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Admin
    Sorry I was unable to find that work.
    There IS a Project Gutenberg edition of TheDynasts. You can also find it with lots of other Hardy texts at
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