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    Happy Holidays to you!
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    I try to be sweet, especially to welcome newcomers. You did get tons of compliments on your screen name...well 'letters' seem to resignate with people -nostalgic and adding 'scented' really did it...such a romantic notion. It is very clever, suits you well... from what I know of you so far.

    The forum is very friendly. Oh, we all get busy and some slack off sometimes for months at a time, and then return when they find more time free. No big deal, if you do so. It is a good place to pick and choose what interests you. There is no pressure here, so just relax and have a good time; post when you can and as much as you have time for. If you look under the pulldown menu above Quick Links you will see social groups. You can also join any of those you find meet your own interests. When they first put that feature in I went and joined about 3 saying I didn't have the time for more - now I think I am in at least 6 or 7! I got carried away.

    So are the florals above white lilacs? Lilacs are my absolute favorite, too! I even love poems with lilacs in the lines, or the mentioning of them in books. I was reading some letters of D.H.Lawrence's (wonder if he scented his letters, too) and he mentions sitting under the lilac bush in his yard; he was young then, still living with parents...I was so thrilled to find this passage, since he also seemed to adore the flower and the scent. I will try to find the passage and send it to you sometime. It brought back to me memories of my grandmother's house and her beloved lilac bush - oh, how I miss that now. My aunt has several in her yard; but alas, I have none in my yard, except a different type, which is smaller and yields little in blossoms (so far) - called a Korean Lilac, but not as fragrant, I am afraid. Yes, I agree, of all the flowers, they do smell the most lovely and they are so beautiful - love to bring them into the house and put into a big vase by my bed; then I can smell them all night long. For the longest time on here, I actually had a photo in my signature of lavender lilacs. I will show you sometime - very pretty photo. Your grandmother's bushes of pink and purple lilacs sound so lovely; I don't think I have ever seen pink ones before, and are the purple deep or lavender? Yes, agree, it is a welcome start to spring/summer and also I love lily of the valley, which blooms nearly the same time...that also smells sooo good.

    No, 'friending' isn't an issue; one can always end it, if someone gets weird or out of hand. Normally people don't and anyway, the moderators would probably give them a warning or toss them off.

    Well, on Youtube someone requested I be his friend, and I am a little bit 'weirded out' by it, since I think his videos are a bit strange. I keep ignoring the request, not sure what to do really. Well, most of the requests on here I have no problem with - I sort of know most members and others I have gotten good vibes from, right from the beginning. I truly do embrace new friends and do it often; I am very much a 'people person'. Absolutely, one can never haved too many friends! Glad we two are now friends...hope you enjoy yourself here. It is a good place and many are sweet and very helpful and kind, as well. You will like it here - a very nice community of people.
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    Glad to have you as my friend, Scented Letters. Don't worry about it; I like it when people request it. Sure it will be fun being friends and learning about each others interests.

    Yes, andave ya...isn't it a lovely screen name? Now I wish mine was a bit more creative.
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    Glad to make your aquaintance and I do love your user name - it is classy and romantic sounding and fits this place perfectly - very clever. I am always happy to find new friends, who have things in common with me. Everyone is so nice on this site. Glad you found us.
    I love that black and white photo above; it is liliacs? Those are my favorite flowers of all time; especially the lavender ones, they smell so heavenly!

    Have fun exploring our forum; if you need any help let me know.
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    What a lovely screen name! Welcome to the LitNet!
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