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AAA and the Cheerleader--Not What You think

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Let the record show that not once during this transaction did I or the AAA member ever raise their voices or say hateful things to each other.

That's only because I didnt get to have the last word.

It started as a tow on the interstate from Dayton OH to Columbus OH. The Columbus AAA had sent the call over via computer. The location was a borderline call and the computer picked a station we did NOT want to run the call. That station was taking over 90 minutes just to get to a simple tire change and had other calls to run. They also have a computer at their shop but if you are quick and they aren't paying attention you can steal it away.

Which my partner does and it becomes my problem. I scan the information rapidly and pass it to Plan B and go back to wondering where all the blog comments are until the phone rings.

Plan B throws a fly in the ointment. In my haste to dump the call I missed a block with the number of passengers listed. The dreaded number 3. In my defense the location of the block lines up quite nicely with the trouble code and a '3' means jump start to us. To save face and add more lies to my sin record I pretend this was the omission of guilt while the whited sepulchere silently admits to himself he didn't read it carefully enough.

Long story paragraph now followed by a short one--I needed an extended cab truck.

I read the ticket more carefully. A call mover ticket normally has several lines of more or less meaningless computer talk before you get to the main ingredients. Buried deep as mercy in a harpy's heart is a remark that the member is trying to arrange for a ride for the third person.

Plan B does not have an extended cab. A Plan C is available but time of arrival is uncertain. Time for a call to the member and see about the progress on getting a ride. Extra cost per miles is charged for use of an extended cab and I hate having to break that bit of news. The Columbus people could have saved me some grief by advising in advance if they would authorize the tow without the charge but I have more chances of getting Logos' phone number then that simple quality control item.

The member was down for a cheer leading event and for once I'm bored with the eye candy fantasy the Drama Queen tries to induce. We prefer ladies and not Hannah Montana groupies please. It's actually worse then that. She is careful to point out to me it's her nine year old daughter that is with her and her father. Got him chortles the keeper of easily blindsided --I flash back to an amazingly poor taste in Christmas TV commerials last month involving girls advertising Target or K-Mart or something about comfty sweaters. Tacky and disturbing all at once.

I shake this off and get back to business. The depth of her friendship is being tested. Yes they have a ride for their daughter coming.



They just sat down to dinner.

Oh well I mean dinner versus people stuck on a highway. I perfectly understand the priorities in place here. A regular tow truck can be there in 15 minutes. There are generally no time limits for 'special' equipment. The member presses for a better estimate. I sigh make the Plan C call and get told 30 minutes which on a weekend is very satisfactory to my way of thinking as I contemplate my baloney sandwich lunch versus the member's friends no doubt more interesting meal.

She decides she'll wait for the extended cab truck since the friend is being less then expeditious to her needs. I dismiss Plan B and move the call to Plan C then start in about the costs involved.

This is a turn in the garden of thorns with the discussion of fiscal responsibilities and extra costs. She's a member since 1989 and I assure her I can sell her plight to Columbus and all will be well in five minutes regarding that pecuniary setback. Was certain the club would cover the cost.

I become a prophet like unto Balaam rather then Moses as Club Columbus believes the costs are between the tow station and the member adroitly overlooking the poor dispatcher caught in the bear trap between. They know better. I do my shucks and gee whizz routine about not even bothering if that's the case but even I can't pull that stunt and expect to get away with it. They know it and chuckle at my predicament.

I get meaner. I call the member and sic HER on them. 21 year mbr, child in freezing temperatures stranded etc. etc. I expect a contrite phone call back any minute and go back to facebook trying to figure out which train my brother-in-law missed leaving the station--don't ask.

Time marches on and I hear from no one. Not a member, not driver, not club. Sigh.

I call the tow station. The ride showed up and my extended cab is on its way with TWO passengers. This annoys me no end. I pontificate to my partner on ungrateful members which will be proved very shortly and fuss some more.

I finally call the tow driver now in tow per the computer and he breaks it to me (gently I might add as I don't want his passengers inhaling the smoke coming through the phone line) that they were upset the extended cab still came. Well what truck did they think was coming!!!!

Incredible. After all that was the agreed upon plan. I swear these people think dispatchers are mind readers and have long binoculars keeping an eye on things.

I hang up and begin to think of Mother Hubbard and the blog entry she'll be reading hopefully soon with pleasure.

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  1. stephofthenight's Avatar
    lol what a terrible day, hugs! you need a loong bubble bath and massage. and that phone number of course a humerous day after the fact but im sure you would have loved to strangle them
  2. qimissung's Avatar
    I am so proud of you for not once raising your voice, which, in a perfect world, would have been perfectly acceptable.

    "That's only because I didn't get to have the last world..."
  3. applepie's Avatar
    I'm just now catching up. First I'm glad that your ambulance ride turned out alright. I take it that there are no ill effects from your little overdose? Just take care of yourself on that front:)

    As for the above... I would have yelled. I may have even possibly made the drive to just do it in person. I commend your ability to not go ballistic on your customers :D

  4. Niamh's Avatar
    Another day in the AAA. There really is a story a day in that place! Another example of how great a storyteller you are Rich!
  5. The Comedian's Avatar
    This story sounds just crazy. That you held your composure it admirable.