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A Thank You and an Apology

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One of the things I enjoy about LitNet is the Short Story competition. I like to read the stories and vote. The choice is usually hard to make. The first competition of 2009 was won by a story entitled "The Button War". Congrats to the author. We may never know who that may be. If the story wins at the end of the year, the author will be announced, but until then, we'll never know. Only the loser can announce themselves. I'm one of the losers.

I haven't written anything of substance in over 25 years. I flirted with a novel for about 8 years before I fnally decided it was crap. Since then, I've had ideas, but nothing of note. Finally, I started to have this idea. I think the idea is a novel, if I can sustain the voice for a major work. This idea was a character called Johnny Kickstool. Johnny was human for a time. He was going to go on some country wide rampage of violence and reckless behavior of all sorts. It felt a little too much like Natural Born Killers so he had go somewhere else.

I brought Johnny to life as an employee of Death, the senior vice president of the suicide division. I entered the story in the competition to see if it would draw any votes. My story got 9 out of 25 total votes cast.

Just a brief note on the number of votes cast. There are thousands of members of Lit Net and only 25 of them took the time to read the stories and vote. We've got thousands of posts, but 25 votes. For myself, I could care less. My purpose in competing to see if there would be any interest in my idea. There was. That's enough for me. The other writers deserved more.

Anyway, I want to thank dramasnot6, lugdunum, Neely, Pendragon, pussnboots, Virgil, Zippy, and ~Sophia~ for voting for my story. I'm flattered.

And now the apology. I voted for myself and I want to apologize to my fellow authors for doing that. After I did it, I felt bad about it. If I was going to vote, I should have voted for another story, but frankly I didn't feel that I could. My choice would have come down to the winner, which I feel has a wonderful voice to it but has what I perceive to be a flaw of detail I can't quite get past, and the story that got zero votes.

To the author of The Inheritance of the Meek: you tried to cram a novel into less than 2000 words. There was a lot going on, but it seems like a novel idea more than a short story.



  1. andave_ya's Avatar
    For me it was a toss-up between Button War and Johnny Kickstool. That is a fascinating idea - I wouldn't say you haven't written anything serious .
  2. kiz_paws's Avatar
    I have to agree with what Andya has said. I too struggled with a choice between the two she mentioned.

    I found that Johnny Kickstool was very well written and the concept was very original. I hope that you enter many more contests, Pablo.

    As for the lack of voters, hmmmm, what a loss so many people miss. The chance to read our own writers finest selections -- yes, voting isn't always easy, but the reading is very enjoyable. Thanks for this blog entry, it made me think (as your entries usually do).
  3. SleepyWitch's Avatar
    I haven't read the stories and voted in ages I used to do it, but then my exams got in the way. I'll try and vote again next time.
  4. pussnboots's Avatar
    I hope you don't stop writing and that goes to all of the writers here on the forum.
  5. Scheherazade's Avatar

    You are not the first author to vote for their own story in the competition and it is natural for any author to think that their work is better (ask parents whose child is the most promising/talented )

    Hope you will keep writing and sending stories in

    Take care.
  6. Virgil's Avatar
    Oh you wrote Johnny Kickstool. Pablo it was very good. I thought it was clearly the best. Oh I have voted for my own story when I thought it was the best. I try to be honest. Of course I'm bias but I don't think I'm voting for my story just because it's mine.
  7. ~Sophia~'s Avatar
    I thought Johnny Kickstool was kickazz good. I really hope you submit another one this month! Even better if it was another Johnny Kickstool story!!
  8. motherhubbard's Avatar
    I wouldn't apologize for voting for my own story if I read it and really felt it was the best. All of us should vote for the one we liked the best. Silly Pablo! As for the lack of votes- it drives me nuts! I think that's the one thing on lit-net that we should all do.
  9. PabloQ's Avatar
    Thanks for the kind words folks. I'm going to keep writing, but I can't very well submit another Johnny Kickstool. Scher will throw me out because you'll know who wrote it. Thanks again. It's inspiring. I think Johnny has a novel in him.