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Polly Pocket

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The English lads whom I worked with for couple of weeks gave me a nick name: Polly Pocket!

1. Because they think I'm cute :blush: (so they said, but I guess it's just so that I'll help him more hehehe)...
2. Because I'm small. Every time they talked about my height, they always talked as if I were the smallest girl on planet earth :sick:...But I think there are smaller females than me.

It's funny that some nick names don't even related to the actual names or the description/personality of the person itself. For example

-My friend, Richard, his nickname is Freddie

He's English and they say it's common for someone named Richard to be called Freddie :idea:..

I also don't know why William can be Bill..

But I like the new nick name...
I'm not blonde though :p



  1. Nightshade's Avatar
    I know a guy called owen who is known as wendy... !
  2. subterranean's Avatar
    Virg, how come 'Bill for Will' is not hard to fanthom?


    I tried to ask the English blokes, but seems there's no clear explanation of why Richard becomes Freddie. They said, 'it's just how it is'.
  3. Niamh's Avatar
    I've never heard freddie being used for richard either. Dick yes but not freddie.