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Rants R' Us

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Kathy the malcontent. So are you like me? Do things ever just make you miffed? Does the word "miffed" make you want to hurl? If you want to accentuate the negative (if only for a few minutes) then you picked the right blog for the job. Join me for a spot of tea and a rant session, won't you?

1.) The title of this blog. Ha ha, I am making a silly reference to a well known toy store in the United States. (Toys R' Us)
But let's consider this...R' business. Is it so incredibly hard to spell out the word "are"? Sure, "are" isn't eyecatching and zingy. Who cares? Just spell the freaking word right.

2.) Number one brings me to this one...number 2. Number 2 is also a euphemism used by toddlers to refer to "poopy" (heh, euphemism abuse). Ok, just bear with me, I am not trying to be unpleasant. Somebody wrote on another forum I belong to that "girls don't go poo". While I totally agree with the idea that no. 2 isn't really a polite topic of discussion (unless you happen to in fact, be a toddler) the concept behind that idea offended me. So, girls aren't living creatures, they are in fact "fembots"? Okey dokey, but that seems a bit odd when you consider the amount of toilet paper I see piled up in ladies shopping carts at the store.

3.) Donald Trump's eyebrows. I know, I know...everybody makes fun of his hair. While the hair is...unpleasing, those eyebrows are just two orange caterpillars creeping acoss his forehead. Just look!

4.) Butterfingers candy bars. Sure, Bart Simpson likes them, but I don't. They start off ok, but then get completely cemented to my teeth. I dislike foods that I feel will need a jackhammer to remove from my teeth.

5.) People who don't use signal lights while driving. My father does this...he just makes turns willynilly without signalling before hand. Then he gets angry when the other driver beeps at him. Letting the other driver know your intentions? Pshaw, that's for dummies.

6.) Paris Hilton. I know, she is an easy target, and I don't know her so really, who am I to say anything? It's just that she is so vulgar. This is woman who finds it ever so cool and clever to expose her..."ladyparts" in public. In my humble opinion there is a finite number of people in the world who should be seeing those parts of Paris. Her doctor, romantic partner and that's really about it. The rest of us shouldn't have to deal with that sort of business. Keep it under wraps, girlfriend.

7.) Lima beans. What kind of a world is it that has lima beans in it? Ick.

8.) People who just park wherever they feel like it. The parking area at the convenience store I go to has clearly delineated yellow lines that scream out "park here, park here". Yet, there are those who feel they are somehow entitled to park right in front of the store. Now, there is a handicapped parking spot, but Mr or Mrs Arrogant isn't handicapped. They park even closer to the store than the handicapped spot, because apparently they are special people. It wouldn't bother me much at all but for the fact that by doing so they:

a.) make it next to impossible for a handicapped driver to actually park in the spot designated for them. and b.) they block access from one side of the parking lot to the other. There are gas pumps that block the rest of the way, so when some oaf parks right in front of the store, they force somebody looking for the exit to drive around the store itself.

9.) Cheese popcorn residue. I really like Smartfood popcorn, but man, is it messy. It builds up this cheesy film on the fingertips which grosses me out. I like to eat it while watching a movie, but find I have to wash my hands every five minutes.

10.) People who call me early in the morning. Just. Don't. Do. It.

There, that wasn't so bad, was it?


  1. Neo_Sephiroth's Avatar
    I'll decline on the tea but I might be up for a rant.
  2. kathycf's Avatar
    Rant on, Neo. What would you like instead of tea?
  3. Niamh's Avatar
    Its always good to rant!
    I totally agree with you about Paris Hilton. She is vulgar.
    And people parking in disabled spots really piss me off! We also have Mother and baby spots over here now and its the same with them.