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Said I love you its true more than my life!!!

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Said I love you its true more than my life
Its resonant all in worldI am seeing moon
I am searching you in moon
Your face seems moon
Said I love you its more then every thing
Its resolve in my heart
you are in my past
you are in my present
you will be with me in future
My love is mortal
I want to foul you in my arms
My arms is open wide for you forever
Please believe me its true more then your breath
Your love is worthy for me
Please hold my body
I am stumble without you.


  1. B-Mental's Avatar
    Dear Mukta, in response... Love is what love is...It is fleeting, it is priceless, it is timeless, it is yours for the taking. When we depart this world, we visit the moon, and witness the creation of love. We are the past, the present, and the future... fear not our love for we shall find each other again and again...of that I am sure. With all my heart...a hug and a cowbell I place upon you! Sweet, sweet child of mine...B
  2. mtpspur's Avatar
    Foul you in my arms??? Not quite sure what that means but it brought to my some very bad dates.
  3. mukta581's Avatar
    Thanks B-Mentel and mtpspur!!!!(Take Care)
  4. Madhuri's Avatar
    "Foul you in my arms" - I think it means "I want you to fall in my arms" It seems to go with the next line.