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Memories of the 28th Century

History Is on Our Side

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Among the more significant topics of in this blog have been Classical Liberalism and the Enlightenment. Those aren't common topics of conversation, but they are behind many conversations that people have, because they can openly converse about many topics, because the Enlightenment happened; the forces of religion were fought back into their caged minds, and we, Classical Liberals, asserted the rights of all to free speech and the other freedoms. Classical Liberalism established the freedoms that we in the U.S.A. enjoy to express our thoughts as we wish, but we have to be careful that rights and freedoms will not be diminished in futile attempts to prevent some people from hearing things that might upset them. The important thing about the rights and freedoms is that they are shared by everyone, even by the people that we may personally hate.

If I were to become Emperor of the U.S.A., or even of the world, I would continue to allow people to speak and act freely. We benevolent despots are loved by the people we rule, and taking rights would simply annoy people. They wouldn't top say anything against me, so it is just as well that they can speak freely.

Requiring that people show agreement for one is an excellent way to make people hate you and worse. Who would respect an Emperor who required that the people show respect and affection for the monarch, or they will be shortened by a head? Letting people live as they wish with the fewest possible restrictions and regulations shows the people that they are respected, and that is something that most people want, respect.

I would even have a representative assembly where the people could voice any disagreements with me and suggest improvements to the system that I would set up. It is impossible for one person to think of everything, and the people who are directly involved in a business or area of activity would have better ideas of how to regulate their affairs for the benefit of all.

While the right to free speech is important, people who seek to restrict the expression of others must be dealt with. Whether they are Nazi's, Communists, or religious extremists, they will not be allowed to put their prejudices into law, and the members of such organizations will be informed that what has been presented as "truth" is only a collection of opinions and superstitions. It was only a few hundred years ago when the religious extremists were put in their places, and they are already trying to control minds again.

But I can understand some people being annoyed that government funds certain activities that they may not like. There are practical limits to what government should be doing for the people. The general purpose of government is to provide a framework within which people can live their lives. Government also provides those thing s that are too big for people to provide for themselves, and what government provides is available for everyone, even if they do not use those things.

One of the liberal principles of government is that everyone be treated according to the same standards. Alas, that principle often becomes unpopular when applied to the real world. If that is applied to taxation, then the poor are over taxed and the rich are undertaxed. When it is applied to disadvantaged persons some people get greater benefits than ordinary people and others get less advantage. We know that, and adjustments can be made that will result in everyone being treated similarly, even though the standards adjust for individual situations.

I have taken this a little further afield than I was planning. I started this, because Donald Trump was sounding and trying to act like a dictator. As I pointed out above, we defeated the dictators, and, if necessary, we will repeat that. Trump seems not to be willing to administer the laws of the U.S.A. in a manner that fits those laws and the rights of the people. Such behavior violates his oath of office. If he wants to rule like that, then he might consider buying some small island country; that worked for Bob Denard.

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    Neoliberalism was introduced in the early 1980s by the American President Ronald Reagan and in Europe by Margaret Thatcher. Reaganomics, and Thatcherism were adopted worldwide as a result (you can look these up in Wikipedia. That is the origin of the inequalities you mention. Its also worth noting that the biggest bubble and crash since 1929 took place in 2008/9 the reverberations are still being felt today. The latest attempt to deal with this is to go to sub-zero rates of interest, though I doubt very much it will work. There is a good blog on this called Acting Man. Still active. Well worth reading.