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  1. Happy Birthday AND Merry Christmas, Claes. We're missing you again!
  2. Aha, that one. No I did not, but most of the others actually did: The interesting thing is that most people of my age or older actually do: It is a strange remnant from a time when we had but ONE single (and state controlled ) TV channel. Cartoons were few and far between back then.

    The kids, of course, are massively uninterested as they have been watching cartoons all their lives.

  3. I ate a decent meal.

    Did you all watch any T.V? I'm asking because I read an article online about a movie that apparantly many in Sweden watch on Christmas Eve, and it occured to me that I sort of "know" someone from Sweden and I could ask them directly. If you don't mind.

    I'm sorry they refer to it as bizarre. It was interesting, anyway. Thanks for helping appease my insatioable curiosity!
  4. Usually with my wife's sister, her family and the inlaws, eating to much and generally just enjoying ourselves. How about you?

  5. /Claes, how does your family spend Christmas Eve?
  6. Why, thank you, qim and I wish you the same.

  7. Lol; let me know what you think of it.
  8. Nothing to worry about: I keep riding my bike to work even if it goes below -20C/-4F. I just "dress for the occasion", that's all. However, there is a limit somewhere around -25C/-13F, when I have to call it quits because the grease in the bearings start to freeze.

    I have read some of J.L, but not that one. Now I suppose I'll have to.

  9. Have you ever read "To Build a Fire" by Jack London? Awesome story. I always think of it when I encounter people who live where it's really cold.
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