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  1. Hi Claes. We haven't spoken in a while. Hope things are well with you.
  2. Great to hear from you. I'll have a look later today

  3. Hi Claes. I haven't been on very often, but i did have a Matthew update blog a couple of weeks ago. You can probably find it going through my blogs. I know you like to read them.
  4. Interested? You know I am. Your little tales takes me back to when my daughters was a toddler.

  5. New blog on Matthew if you're interested:
  6. Not sure I have time this weekend. I guess i'll try to steal one. Thanks.
  7. Just so you know: It's steal an avatar weekend... Get cracking...
  8. Claes - I'm back and have a new blog.
  9. I thought you did.... Got you!

  10. I meant one last one before we leave.
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