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  1. Happy Dance

    There is one line from the song by Sixx AM, which also happens to be the titile of the song, which best expresses my feelings at this moment in time

    Life is beautiful
  2. These days

    After a short period of trying to a children teacher ,I gave up and came back to school. I thought I was suitable to be a teacher but actually not .I just attractted by the money .I ought not to .
    Now I am beginning to persue my dream .
  3. reasons to be a vegetarian

  4. Halloween Photos

    It was boring, but I got to dress up!

  5. For my dads birthday, please help me improve this : )

    Happy Birthday Dad.

    I will always be your little girl,
    from the times we went fishing,
    up to the moments we argue.

    The bond between a father and daughter,
    and the memories we have shared,
    will never be broken.

    Although I am getting older,
    and the times we see each other may be few,
    I will always seee myself as daddy's little girl.

    Happy Birthday,
    Love always your daughter.


    Updated 11-04-2008 at 03:19 AM by manny2