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  1. And If The Heart Cannot Love

    by , 11-05-2008 at 01:13 AM (Filtering sawdust...)
    And If The Heart Cannot Love
    Jose Garcia Villa

    And if the heart can not love
    death can not cure it nor sleep
    no splendor of wound the heart
    had no sound

    Bloom has escaped it and
    birth the miraculous flower
    and music and speech leave
    it unbewitched

    God it can not spell nor sun
    nor lover the beautiful word
    and it has no sound no sound
    nor wound

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  2. Happy Dance

    There is one line from the song by Sixx AM, which also happens to be the titile of the song, which best expresses my feelings at this moment in time

    Life is beautiful
  3. These days

    After a short period of trying to a children teacher ,I gave up and came back to school. I thought I was suitable to be a teacher but actually not .I just attractted by the money .I ought not to .
    Now I am beginning to persue my dream .
  4. reasons to be a vegetarian

  5. Halloween Photos

    It was boring, but I got to dress up!