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  1. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Its a very sad story, bluebiird! But you did all you could to help the bird.
  2. PeterL's Avatar
    You may have missed my blog of 07-25-2020. I believe that I covered this matter. The idea that it is a simultaion is amusing, but it falls apart when regarded carefully.
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  4. PeterL's Avatar
    The only value that wars have is to eliminated some of the excess population.
  5. tonywalt's Avatar
    People like war. Except me and a few others. Unfortunately we are stuck with the human race, if there was a calmer better race -well, I would happily join them.
  6. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    Love reading about your garden. Wondering if you can post a picture of your lavender? I hope your mom recovers soon!
  7. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    Some would agree with you about the uselessness of this endless war until recently.