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The Double-Dealer


A Comedy


Interdum tamen et vocem Comoedia tollit.--HOR. Ar. Po.

Huic equidem consilio palmam do: hic me magnifice
effero, qui vim tantam in me et potestatem habeam
tantae astutiae, vera dicendo ut eos ambos fallam.
--SYR. in TERENT. Heaut.

Dramatis Personae:

MASKWELL, a villain; pretended friend to Mellefont, gallant to Lady Touchwood, and in love with Cynthia,--Mr. Betterton
LORD TOUCHWOOD, uncle to Mellefont,--Mr. Kynaston
MELLEFONT, promised to, and in love with Cynthia,--Mr. Williams
CARELESS, his friend,--Mr. Verbruggen
LORD FROTH, a solemn coxcomb,--Mr. Bowman
BRISK, a pert coxcomb,--Mr. Powell
SIR PAUL PLYANT, an uxorious, foolish old knight; brother to Lady Touchwood, and father to Cynthia,--Mr. Dogget

LADY TOUCHWOOD, in love with Mellefont,--Mrs. Barry
CYNTHIA, daughter to Sir Paul by a former wife, promised to Mellefont,--Mrs. Bracegirdle
LADY FROTH, a great coquette; pretender to poetry, wit, and learning,--Mrs. Mountfort
LADY PLYANT, insolent to her husband, and easy to any pretender,--Mrs. Leigh

THE SCENE: A gallery in the Lord Touchwood's house, with chambers adjoining.

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