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Love for Love


A Comedy


This play is a comical farce enlivened by its witty dialogue and its humorous characters, and perhaps more successful in its day than The Way of the World, now considered Congreve's best play. The main character is Valentine, then Jeremy, Valentine's resourceful servant; Sir Sampson, with his 'blunt vivacity'; Ben, the rough young sea-dog, who intends to marry whom he chooses; Miss Prue, only too ready to learn the lessons in love given her by Tattle, the vain, half-witted beau, who finds himself married to Mrs. Frail, the lady of easy virtue, when he thinks he has captured Angelica; and Foresight, the gullible old astrologer.

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Love for Love by William Congreve.

I'm have an assignment and there are some questions which i find difficulty in answering them.The questions are : 1-Discuss the laugh in comedy of manners in "Love for love". 2-Discuss the significanse of the role of the female character "Angelica" in the play. 3-Discuss the theme of the parent child relationship in reference to one relationship in the play. I really need ur discussions guyz .i'll be very thankfull :)

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