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The Secret Garden


Illustrated by M. B. Kork


The Secret Garden, written by Frances Hodgson Burnett, is a charming book about a girl named Mary Lennox. She is a spoiled and sickly child who lives in India. When her parents die because of a cholera epidemic, she moves to Misselthwaite Manor to live with her rich uncle in England. Things are a definite change for her. Slowly she becomes stronger and starts to take an interest in the outdoors. She meets all sorts of people like Martha, Dickon, and Colin. Martha is a maid on the grounds who has taken a fancy to Mary, and Dickon is her brother. Dickon is quite an unusual fellow. He possesses the ability to talk to animals and is able to grow anything with a little bit of soil. Colin, who you will meet later in the story, is a child who has basically given up the will to live, believing he is doomed to be a hunchback like his father. Strong-willed Mary reprimands him and takes matters into her own hands. Mary has all kinds of adventures with strange sounds at night, funny accents, and a locked garden. The Secret Garden is a wonderful book about friendship, determination, and perseverance. -- In the secret garden is where magical things take place! While it is where Mrs. Craven died and the cause of her husband's sadness, it returned the life to their son who believed he will die young and that he is invalid. How did this garden change Mary as well as Collin? It is a story about a secret garden which holds many secrets inside it!--Submitted by Ghadeer Faris --

When orphaned Mary Lennox,lonely and sad,comes to live at her uncle's great house on the Yorkshire moors, she finds it full of secrets. At night, she hears the sound of crying down one of the long corridors. Outside, she meets Dickon, a magical boy who can charm and talk to animals. Then, one day, with the help of a friendly robin, Mary discovers the most mysterious wonder of all - a secret garden, dulled and locked which has been completely forgotten for years and years. Is everything in the garden dead, or can Mary help bring it back to life?--Submitted by Blainee Davis.

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identification with a quote

I have been taking Math tests the past few weeks in which they ask questions relating to things I never learned in school. It makes me feel like the sevant girl to whom Mary said,"You don't know anything about anything."

Question About Secret Garden Edition

My copy of A Secret Garden has 1910 - 1911 on the copyright page. Also states Garden City Printers at bottom of page. It is dark blue cloth with a paste-on Ill. on cover and four color plates inside. Can anyone tell me what edition this is.

Setting of Secret Garden

I know when the book was written but what was the time period the actual story was set in?

Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Which is the paragraph that has love in the story? Some people said it was the part that cured Colin. Which chapter is it?

images of india in the secret garden?

hello, i',m boza and i desperately need some help with my seminar paper images of india in secret garden by frances hogdson burnett. i don't know how to write a seminar paper (consisting of 15 pages) on this topic because there is very little about it on the internet although i've read the book. i was hoping you guys could help me by giving me any advice or some useful links? :bawling:

Which garden?

I would like to know which garden (in England or United States) served as example for the garden featuring in the book The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Theme of secret garden

hi does anyone know the THEME of the secret garden? The purpose or the lesson learned from the book?

I love it

Hi, I had to read this book for school. I HATED IT!!!! The Yorkshire accent is so annoying to read. I think that your summary of the book is real good, but i just hate the book.

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