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Many stories are passed down by oral tradition long before they are ever written. Sometimes an author may also wish to remain anonymous for reasons that are their own. This portion of our site is for books that have uncertain authorship.

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Inanna's Decent

I noticed that the story of Gilgamesh was mentioned, which is a fabulous tale that I have much enjoyed reading, but I just had to say that I think one of my favorite works of mythology that I have read, and one which has stuck out within my mind the most is the Inanna's Decent There is just something about this story that I think is fabulous and I adore the tale. It is the story of the Goddess Inanna whom decides to descend into the underworld, where her sister reigns. And there is this marvelous scene in which to inter the underworld she must pass through seven gates and at each gate she must remove a piece of her clothing until when she appears to her sister at the throne of the Underw...

My Love in Her Attire

This is one of my favorite poems written by an anonymous author. I hope you enjoy it! *** My love in her attire doth show her wit, It doth so well become her: For every season she hath dressings fit, For winter, spring, and summer. No beauty she doth miss, When all her robes are on; But Beauty's self she is, When all her robes are gone. --Anonymous, renaissance period...

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