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An Old-fashioned Girl


Polly Milton is the new face of the girl who everyone calls Polly Pure, even if she is from the Victorian era. Being the country girl with her city cousins, Polly just can't seem to fit in. She means well, but she isn't just the image of high fashion; much to the dismay of her hostess, Fran. She doesn't do her hair right, she doesn't know enough about foreign languages, and she dresses so plainly that she could look just as fashionable in a potato sack, at least to Fran. Polly somehow finds a way to overlook all of her "shortcomings" and try her best to be herself in the environment she is in. Louisa May Alcott takes readers on an adventure as Polly goes through thick in thin with the main characters of this book: Fran, Tom, and Maud. She's harassed, but she perseveres. She's tricked, but she laughs about it. And most of all, she shows everyone how charming an old fashioned, sweet personality can be. After reading An Old Fashioned Girl, you may find yourself pondering becoming a bit more like Polly yourself.--Submitted by Christine Hazel Mott.


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One of the best books written by Alcott?

So I've read this book once again, and I can't believe how interesting it is! Haven't you learnt things about the Victorian lifestyle after reading this book? It's amazing the number of things you can understand by reading An old-fashioned girl. The characters are very interesting, and Tom Shaw is probably one of the best male characters Alcott has ever portrayed (even when they are usually similar in all her novels), what do you think?

Crushes on Book Characters :)

I don't know about the rest of you, but when I first read An Old-Fashioned Girl, by the time I finished the book I had a MAJOR crush on Tom. I mean, he's so lovable! :) anybody had similar experiences, even with other books?

I love this book

I read this book for a school project back in high school and have always loved Alcotts work. I recommend her three other books (that I read anyway) Little Women, Little Men, and Jo's Boys. I agree that Polly seems a bit too perfect and can vouch that the other three books mentioned don't have that problem so much. Hopefully I got my point across, because I left myself a bit confused here.

An OLd-Fashioned Review

The book is enthralling and kept my eyes glued to every page. I didn't think it was interesting when I saw the title, and I never knew how I would soon like it! Through Polly's cool manner and Tom' many mischiefs, I give this book 5 stars! You'd never know what to expect. It may not be some thriller or adventure novel, but hey- it's still a book!

No Subject

I just love this book. I got it as a birthday present sometime when I was in the 7th grade, and I wasn't too enthusiastic about the title of the book until I sat down to read it. When I finished it, I simply loved the first part of the book, when Polly, Fanny and Tom were kids and up to nothing but mischief and fun. But as I grew older and still kept on reading it once an year, I began to appreciate the second half, the struggles that the young people have to go through and finding themselves in the end. It is my most favorite book of all times, and the one that has influenced me the most!

No Subject

when i read books i really aspire to the characters and novels influence me in a lot of ways. Upon reading an old fasioned girl, polly milton really influenced me. The fact she is so perfect makes me want to aspire to that and I would be happy to become like polly milton any day!

No Subject

this is a very interesting book. when i got it i thought it would be boring, but after i started it i couldnt put it down. it is one of her better books. i am a very extensive reader and this is definitely a classic. i would give it 5 stars.

No Subject

I Loved this Book! It was funny, yet touching. I really liked it when Tom got into Fanny's acsessories! I was in tears in some parts of the book!( It may sound weird, but I don't line in the mental hospital.) It is an old book , but it is still a classic.

No Subject

I love this book. I don't know how much I like the way Tom turns out, but it's a lovely story. I read it once a year, just when it begins to get cold. It's a very cozy book.

No Subject

I have just finished reading "An Old Fashioned Girl" and simply enjoyed the story of Polly, Tom, Fan, and Mr. Sydney (for I quite agree with Polly and can address him by no other name).
However, one thing did pique my curiousity at the beginning of the last chapter and wondered if anyone else noticed this too. Alcott speaks out as the author that she had another ending in mind for our characters, but she succombed to the complaints and quickly brought everyone together for a happy ending. Does anyone know the inside story of what Alcott really had in store for her herione?
I'd appreciate any helpful insight or sources to look to.
Thanks so much,
A curious, literary enthusiast

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