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The Moonstone


A Romance


A huge yellow diamond taken from India disappears the evening after it is received by Rachel Verinder as an inherited birthday gift. Though cousin Franklin Blake is quick to call in the local police as well as a famous London detective the crime remains unsolved for a year while Rachel's strange behaviour remains a mystery as well. The story is narrated by the people involved in each aspect of the case including a respected steward and a religious spinster along with Blake and a local physician. Are the mysterious Indians seen in the area involved? What about the plain maid who falls in love at first sight? Could the cousin famous for his charitable works have a more sinister side? Enjoy the mystery and romance of this classic book, considered to be the first English language detective novel! --Submitted by Anonymous


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The Moonstone as pivitol urban Gothic literature?

I was just wondering what people's thoughts were on The Moonstone approached from an urban gothic stand point. Admittedly it is no Dracula, Dorian Grey, of Jekyll and Hyde, but I think that in order to create the new genre of the detective novel, Collins plays a great deal on the Gothic narrative tradition, dealing with contemporary social anxieties surrounding addiction, wrongful incarseration and the psychology of crime. Despite having such a strong basis in gothic traditions, is it going too far to say The Moonstone is actually a contributor to the urban gothic of the fin de siecle? Or is it right to recognise the influence of gothic and then go on to place it into another literary category? Just a musing! Victoria


true or false: 1. Sgt. Cuff makes Lady Verinder feel at ease 2.Miss clark is a 3rd person narrator 3.The indian asks Bruff teh earliest time that a loan on his box could be repaid so that he can learn the earliest time that the moonstone might be redeemed 4.rosanna hides Blake's nightgown to use as prook that she had saved him from being known as teh theif of Rachel's diamond 5.collins used the experiences of a friend when he described the effects of opium 6.Mr.Bruff thinks that following the man in the grey suit from the bank will be a great adventure -------------------------------------------------------------------------- short answer: 7. After reading Rosanna's letter, Blake tries to account for how the paint got on his nightgown without his knowledge. why does Betteredge say that neither drunkenness nor sleepwalking can explain it? 8. According to SGT. Cuff, what are the 2 sides to godfry's life? 9. what does the diamond symbolize? what does it represent to the different characters? what themes does it reflect? read the moonstone a while back and helping a friend with her homework, cant remember these

Someone Please Help Me With This...asap

Alright So Here's The Deal, I've Got An Exam Over This Book DUE REALLY SOON, And I Really Really Need Someone Who Knows This Thing Very Well, Inside And Out, To Possibly Help Me Through This Exam. I'm Not Looking For An Easy Way Out Of Doing My Own Work...ok Here's The Story I'm In Homeschool Right Now, I Was Supposed To Have Already Graduated But My School Is Extremely Slow On Sending Me My Work, And They Just Sent Me My Whole Senior Year Of English About A Week Ago...and Yet Im Supposed To Start College In Three Weeks. The College Has Agreed To Await My Transcript For A Later Date As Long As I Can Graduate B4 I Start My Classes. So Its Not That I Dont Want To Do My Work, Its The Fact That I Have 5 More Exams To Do (5 More Exams, An Exam With Each Book) And I Just Dont Have Time To Read Everything. So If There Is Anyone Out There That Is Willing To Help Me Out I Would Greatly Appreciat It, Im Not Asking For Someone To Give Me The Answers, Im Just Looking For Someone Who Can Point Me In The Right Direction For Them, So If You're That Someone Who Can Help Me Then Please Send Me A Message And Let Me Know Asap Please Please Please!!!! Im Desperate!!!

I need help with the Moonstone!

I have a question i need some people to help me with. The question is: Why does Godfrey burn the paper that Rachel wrote saying he is innocent? Infer what this reveals about his personality. Come on people can you help me out with this question! Thanks! :thumbs_up

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