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Chapter 19


The Pope approved.

When the mails brought to Rome intelligence of the event of the 2d of
December, the Pope went to a review held by General Gémeau, and begged
him to congratulate Prince Louis Napoléon for him.

There was a precedent for this.

On the 12th December, 1572, Saint-Goard, Ambassador of Charles the
Ninth, King of France, to Philip the Second, King of Spain, wrote from
Madrid to his master, Charles the Ninth, "The news of the events of the
day of Saint Bartholomew have reached the Catholic King. Contrary to his
wont and custom, he has shown so much joy, that he has manifested it
more openly than he has ever done for all the happy events and good
fortune which have previously befallen him. So that I went to him on
Sunday morning at Saint Hieronimus, and having approached him, he burst
out laughing, and with every demonstration of extreme pleasure and
contentment, began to praise your Majesty."[36]

The hand of Pius IX. remained extended over France, when it had become
the Empire.

Then, under the shadow of this benediction, began an era of prosperity.

[36] "Archives of the house of Orange," page 125, Supplement.

Victor Hugo