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He Who Gets Slapped


A Play in Four Acts

Translated in 1921 from the Russian, and Introduction, by Gregory Zilboorg (1890-1959) Ukrainian psychoanalyst and historian of psychiatry who is remembered for situating psychiatry within a broad sociological and humanistic context in his many writings and lectures. Zilboorg was born in Kiev, Ukraine, on December 25, 1890 and studied medicine in St. Petersburg. In 1917 he served in the Ministry of Labor for two presidents. He emigrated to the United States in 1919 and for a time translated literature from Russian to English while studying medicine at Columbia University. Among the works he translated is Evgenii Zamiatin's We and Andreyev's play He Who Gets Slapped.

He is perhaps the best work of Andreyev, at any rate his best dramatic work. It is more adapted to stage conditions than his previous plays and is not overcrowded with symbolic ghosts. Furthermore, He is a remarkable summary of Andreyev's philosophy.

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