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A Story of Rebel Military Prisons

Fifteen Months a Guest of the So-called Southern Confederacy

A Private Soldier's Experience in Richmond, Andersonville, Savannah, Millen, Blackshear, and Florence.

By John McElroy, Late of Co. L. 16th Ill Cav.


To the Honorable NOAH H. SWAYNE., Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, A Jurist of Distinguished Talents and Exalted Character; One of the Last of that Admirable Array of Pure Patriots and Sagacious Counselors, Who, in the Years of the Nation's Trial, Faithfully Surrounded the Great President, and with him, Bore the Burden of Those Momentous Days; and Whose Wisdom and Fairness Have Done So Much Since to Conserve What Was Then Won, This Book is Dedicated with Respect and Admiration by the Author.

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