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In Freedom's Cause


Step inside the pages of "In Freedom's Cause," and you will discover manly men, true men, men of character. You will find a boy of honor who learns how to grow up into a man of honor. Do you want your boys to be true men? To be strong and brave men? To be real men? Hand them this book, and let them grow with the growth of the tale. Let your boys make heroes out of these men. Let them follow in the footsteps of Sir Archie, and William Wallace as they go outside to play. See them storming castles with an imaginary sword, building ramparts, spying out enemy territory, being brave, courageous, and never shirking. See them learning to obey and follow the commands of their King, though grave danger awaits or though it is a seemingly insignificant task. Let them stand and fight for what is right and true. Let them learn the true meaning of patriotism, to God and country alike. TRUE boys must learn these lessons, or they will never become TRUE MEN.--Submitted by Anonymous


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