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The Cat of Bubastes


A Story of Ancient Egypt.

Illustrated by J. R. Weguelin.


In availing himself of the pictured records of Egyptian life and history,
Mr. Henty has produced a story which will give young readers an unsurpassed
insight into the customs of one of the greatest of the ancient peoples.
Amuba, a prince of the Rebu nation on the shores of the Caspian, is carried
with his charioteer Jethro into slavery. They become inmates of the house
of Ameres, the Egyptian high-priest, and are happy in his service until the
priest's son accidentally kills the sacred cat of Bubastes. In an outburst
of popular fury Ameres is killed, and it rests with Jethro and Amuba to
secure the escape of the high-priest's son and daughter. After many
dangers they succeed in crossing the desert to the Red Sea, and eventually
making their way to the Caspian.

"The story is highly enjoyable. We
have pictures of Egyptian domestic
life, of sport, of religious ceremonial,
and of other things which may still be
seen vividly portrayed by the brush of
Egyptian artists."—The Spectator.

"The story, from the critical moment
of the killing of the sacred cat to the
perilous exodus into Asia with which it
closes, is very skilfully constructed and
full of exciting adventures. It is admirably
illustrated."—Saturday Review.

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