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    Anna Karenina

    Aside from War & Peace, this is the most delightful book I have ever been privileged to read. Each page is a delicacy to savour, the words fall off the pages to form a detailed tapestry of the authors brilliant vision before the readers very eyes. True genius, no other writings for me can compare to Anna Karenina and War & Peace, and Tolstoy has rocketed to the very top of my fave authors list. Tolstory isn't just an author and philospher, he's a true artist, his words don't relate a simple story, they create in every detail an alternative magical world where the characters and situations truly exist in the readers mind. Such study and knowledge of intimate human relations and feelings in every detail defies normal understanding, and marks Tolstoy as a giant amongst mankind.

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    Anna Karenina

    i agree with you. the characters are well developed and one gets an insight into the russian social scene in tolstoys time. after all levin is said to be a self portrait of Tolstoy himself. The romance between Vronsky and Anna is one of the best highlights. However the development of the character of Anna from an exceedingly beautiful woman to her final moments shows the raw emotions that individuals go through. I had bought the book after reading reviews and could not put the novel down. It is one of the best classical novels that I have read.

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    I think it's one of the best novels ever, I admire the writer Leo Tolstoy, he's really an classical Russian author, and the end of the what I have never thought that anna would do, she seemed to me like she was a woman with waise and faith, I thoguht that way that anna and the novel ended, is full of peace and weakness too, in everyone who's so strong a weakness, and I think that when she ended her life that way, god...that was so selfish of her, she left a life that she could made it better, but anyway...I think it's a happy end,

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    anna karenina is like book of life to me. all charecters are brilliant and without Levin the spirit of the book is lost . the book is not just a novel but it portrays the philosophy of the author who is not just an author of many masterpices but a man from above telling or rather sharing with us the meaning and purpose of human life.

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