hello every one, I´m writing a paper for my literature class at the university of Santiago of Chile and I just want to share my ideas with you. I really enjoyed reading this book. It really caught my attention. It was interesting how we could deal with th conscious and unconsious side of the mind of dr. jekyll- being dr. jekyll the conscious, and mr hyde the unconscious part of his mind. Furthermore, I inmediately associated this book with the three zones of the mind that Freud pointed out- the id, ego and super ego. well, as you all have been able to figure out, we can see the id reflected on mr. hyde, but what about his unconscius and consciousness? does he have any? is dr. jekyll the unconsious part of hyde´s mind?<br>On the other side, we have a friend of jekyll and utterson, he was also a doctor and a very close friend to jekyll- that is just until he finds out about the experiment of jekyll. he was totally against of it. I relate this character with the superego because he is shown as a person who gives great value to the moral ond and ethical thoughts. and finally there is this character who tells the story: utterson. I associate this character with the ego, because he is always trying to understand and to find a reason for jekyll´s behaviour and at the same time he tryes to understand also his other doctor friend.<br>as a conclusion, the balance- which is the ego, placed in utterson´s character- wins (in a way) because that is the right thing for society.<br>anyway, all sort of things come to my mind when i start thinking about stevenson´s work and this is just a short review of the paper i am writing. thanks