I am in the 9th grade, and like a lot of the comentors I chose read this book for a project. Mainly because I thought it looked easy to read and could get it done quick. And it was, and I did. But I really truely enjoyed it, and I loved the meaning behind it. It was all about (to me) seeing what we thought we wanted, be not all that great after all. Which can apply to everyone's lives. My favorite Character in this book had to be the Prince. Because even when the people mocked him when he was in puoper's cothes, he still didn't cave to their first glance opinion. And I think out of all the other characters his change, because of all his afliction, was most significant and shows that we all can be blinded by our ingnorence. It's true that it doesn't hold your attention if you don't try to open your eyes and to understand where it's coming from. But if you open it ready to experience a new perspective, that may not fit your own oppinions. You'll finish and appreciate it as much as I do.