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    have you ever tried to write a book. not somthing pathetic like 20 pages but like 120. do you know how hard it is to keep the intrest of the reader when you want to try somthing new. it isn't easy. like the book suggests, don't judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes. becaouse then you misjudge everything.

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    you are an idiot.

    You claim to have a 4.0 GPA and everything, but you seem to be pretty ignorant. You have numerous spelling errors and your sentences make little to no sense. Have you even read this book? The "king" (Prince Edward) did not want to be a beggar and get beat up... I have a feeling that you probably just saw some cartoon based on this story.

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    ditto to Steven

    I whole heartedly agree with Steven. You may have a 4.0, but you are either too pompous to spend the time to correctly spell and use good grammar or you are the product of a public school education which simply proves that it isn't Mark Twain who failed but your English teachers.<br><br>You are a product of today's society. Children who are unable to read a novel which requires reflection of the issues but expect to be entertained the whole time and to have the excitement laid out on a plate for them. I am sorry for you!<br><br>You may very well wish that you had spent more time and effort in your classes when you go off to college(assuming that you are accepted somewhere) and you are forced to compete with students who recognized the value of the literature they were asked to read. Simply the fact that the book has been around for so many years and is still read in schools should tell you something. Someone, somewhere sees value in it. Too bad you can't.

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    You are such a fool! You may have a 4.0 GPA but you are obviously an ignorant child. Everything Becky said is true. Do you think you can write better? I doubt that you have the ability to write even a short essay that can captivate the reader! You shouldn't criticize his writing unless you can do better. You must be really good at sucking up to your teachers to get a 4.0

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    Okay, I don't normally think its fair to criticize someone on their spelling errors just for the heck of it, BUT if you, Hendawg, are going to tell about getting a 4.0, call yourself an intelligent kid, etc., at least try spelling stuff correctly!

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    bad book

    alright I would like to start off to express my true sorrow for the people who have to read this book. I have a 4.0 and are on various achieving clubs for my school. I am an intelligent boy and, I hated this book. Now mark twains other books such as huck finn and tom sawyer were alright but this is just disgusting. There is no excitement and/or intresting parts. Yeah the king wanted to be a beggar and get beat up and the other kid wanted to be prince and eventually king, who gets the better end of the deal? Maybe if this book had the characters evenly or at least closely even as far as receving something it might be a picker upper. I HAD TO READ THIS for school and I'm so glad I"m done. Sorry Mark you kinda failed on this one.

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