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Thread: SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Has any body read A Tale of Two Cities? If you have please let me know what you thought of it.

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    i havent read it but seen a rendition of it on video cassette and liked it very much. god bless the u.s.a
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    Ummm... not a Dickens fan. Personally, most of his stuff could use some major editing. I guess long-windedness is what you get when you pay authors by the word (true story):-)


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    Tale of Two Cities was a great read. I don't much care for Dickens' other stuff, which is full of improbably quirky characters, but City is quite different from his other stuff. I'm told that his treatment of the French Revolution is a bit naive, but I suppose he was limited by the common wisdom of his day.


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    How about "The Pickwick Papers" by Dickens?
    Its extremely long, but is it worth reading?
    If so I might read it.

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    i agree with your point

    I guess long-windedness is what you get

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