Hi All,

This is the first time I have joined any type of forum. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and obviously love reading and literature. Although I am a 55 year old secondary school teacher, my subjects are Chemistry, Biology and General Science and I have nothing to do with the teaching of literature or English nor did I study either of these subjects at uni.

In the past twelve months I have cut back my workload and have began to pursue other interests (the teaching profession can be totally consuming) such as the captivating pleasure of reading novels. This year I joined two book clubs and now I am entering the cyber world of literature. One book club focuses on classics and the other on contemporary fiction. Although I still have a full time teaching schedule, I make time for my reading by following the DEAR time approach: “Drop Everything And Read time”.

Just in case your wondering why MRI - this is my timetable code at work based on my initials which most people immediately think of “Magnetic Resonance Imaging” ie. MRI Scans but I prefer “Mindful Reading Imaging”. Why the image of the bull? This is a homage to my Spanish background.