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    There should have been more time taken to perfect this comment about Emma. The grammar and sentance structure was hard to follow when reading it and it does cause one to be tired of reading it only a quarter of the way through. Also, there are contradicting comments in it, which causes the reader to be unsure of the point this comment is really trying to pass on to other reades.

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    learn to spell!

    Dude you don't know how to type! Some of your comments were ok, though I completely disagree about Mrs. Elton - she drove me crazy! Anyways if you don't learn to type and spell, people will never take you seriously. It makes you look dumb!

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    Jane Austen Rules!

    <br><br> It has been said that Emma was Jane Austen favorite novel- althogh i contest that saying - because it is contrary to what i have read in one of her many Biography out there. The Bio states that - Austen called Pride and prejudice -"Her Baby"- obviously a deep comparison, it shows deep attachment! (Especially the fact that she was childless herself)<br> Personally- i really dotn fancy Emma that much- although i am not saying i did not enjoy it. I did- tremendously! However, i liked the other characters more than i did Emma. For example Mrs. Weston was more interesting and so was Mrs. Elton. Mrs Elton made me laugh ferociously. Ha! Ha! Ha!<br><br> Pride and prejudice will always be my favorite. Elizabeth and Darcy's Real life like romance was perplexing and intriueng. I am seriously NOT vexed about reading them again!!!!

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