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Thread: A famous Iraqi song and a story of love translated by me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pompey Bum View Post
    I see. Yes well, let me be frank. When I welcomed you back, I was privately thanking God you were still alive. I am horrified to hear of your ordeal. What a strong and good man you must be to have weathered it all with such grace. God bless you.

    About your diabetes, you may want to look into a medicine called glucophage (it has other brand names but that is its generic name). It has some side effects but allows many to manage their diabetes well. But you have to take it daily and it is expensive.

    As to the less serious matter of English grammar, I understand now. Still, if you are using the imperative mood, you should remove the article (the) before the noun (train) in the fifth line. You should also move the comma from after O and put it after train. So the verse will read:

    O train, shout angrily,
    Eagerly shout, please once more;

    But these are very small points. Your work is very moving. Thank you for your efforts.
    For ( the ) you're right and I removed
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    Yes, articles can be quite idiomatic. I would prefer to have none as with Latin. But I suppose they make languages richer in their own way--less spare in any case.

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