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    I am still trying to come to terms with the ending of Orwell's novel. Why was the hero defeated? Is Winston a hero, a martyr? Certainly not, if the Party succeeded in changing his beliefs before his death. But why did the dragon tear Beowulf to pieces? If Evil prevailed over the human spirit, what is the message to the reader? Certainly it is not that man might as well succumb to Evil, because it is more powerful than he.<br>The only conclusion that suits me for now is that the message of this novel is one similar to that of "The Lord of the Flies.'" Even the human spirit cannot conquer evil. If man wants peace, why do we fight? If man wants love, why do we hate? If man was made to be intelligent and above animals, why did the Holocaust happen? In humanity's case, as with Winston's, the supposed hero is conquered by society in the worst of ways--with his own consent.

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    Winston was defeated because he was isolated. No one human being by themselves is able to stand up to a well-oiled propoganda machine. The message from Orwell is that in order to stay afloat in the modern world, people have to organise and communicate with like-minded people.

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