This novel is a commentary on the time and oppression of George Orwell's London, not a foresight into our political activities today. I was quite taken with this work for it certainly was well beyond its time, however, the comments on this page really frighten me. I am so sick and tired of Americans complaining and trying to find some hidden agenda in our political world. We put these people into office, so if we are unhappy with the outcome perhaps we should address our voting population. The same people who choose not to vote cannot be the same people who believe they have a right to complain about where we stand as a nation. George Orwell had no inclining of the future and this beautifully written text should be valued for just that, a great work. Not another outlet for complaints from the citizens of this GREAT NATION. I guarantee that Orwell would have found much more individualism and freedom today than in his time. This is not regression. And furthermore, at any moment in time throughout history, an intelligiable people will find flaws with there society. A utopia has never existed, will never exist and would be a disaster if it did. A utopian society is a dystopian society. They are one in the same. Without discord there could not be any unity. People aren't wonderful and good most of the time, regardless of power or status. We are human, and as long as we remain so we will continue to be dissatisfied with our surroundings to some degree. Humans are insatiable and it is not feasible to believe we could all have a better world than this. We have come so far, just since Orwell's time. If people don't like America than move AWAY!!!!