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Thread: sexism

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    could sexism be a thing of the past?
    could we ever be able to look back and say that is no longer a case?

    All replies most welcome.
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    It is great to see you starting a discussion thread again, Cacian. I remember how interesting your subjects always were.

    In my opinion, human beings will never be able to be free of sexism (or racism for that matter) because the human mind is corrupted from birth by a body evolved toward animalistic selfishness. If anything, the situation is more critical now because the struggle toward humanism (and against antihumanism) has been coopted by a neo-Marxist ethos that seeks to make individuals (minus their ideas and personal responsibilities) exemplars of prescribed identity groups. In old Marxism, the grouping was based on class. All but the proletariat were guilty per se. Individuality (or even life) had no real significance. Even in the French Revolution, supposed criminals were fed to the guillotine because of what they were and not who they were. The woke ideology of our times seeks to expand criminal groups to include race (as Hitler's National Socialists did) and sex, among other things. Real sexism and real racism are on high at the moment--though they are masked in disingenuous, self-interested outrage. I hope I am wrong, but I fear that when this is defeated there will be some kind of Reaction. We may lose the ground we had already gained--or even worse. It's a damned shame, but people are what they are. It's best not to put much faith in them.
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