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    I just finished this book today, what an interesting way orwell portrayed 1984. I had to read this for english and I am glad I did, but it was to depressing for me to read. I think the main concept that has stuck in my mind is what the paperweight represents. I have read many explanations for it, but have to my own conclusion: it represents Winston and Julia, being the coral, living their lives as if they are inside that glass, a world all their own. Once the paperweight shattered, so did their lives. Once they were caught and taken to the Ministry of Peace, Winston and Julia were made to conform back to the "normal society", this was their lives shattering, they died.

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    cool beans -- that's similar to what I thought of the paperweight. I had imaginged it more of encompassing rebellion against the Party (but love is against the Party).

    Winston was fascinated by the object just as he was fascinated by rebellion. He wanted to snatch it - grab it - take a hold of it while he could. He took precautionary measures to hide his rebellious attitude, just as he hid the paperweight. Once it broke, so did their sanity, although the Party would call them insane before.
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