Between Peril & Persistence


Few men have faced death and come out on the other side unscathed.

One’s recollection of fate’s carelessness tends to not withstand the erosion of time.

Soon the air of a few passing decades fills the lungs with pride.

It tells us death is decades from now.

We invent, innovate, mate, rant, think, eat, get drunk, do drugs all the while praying in the back of our minds that death is far away.

We become rich, we become famous, we can finally buy designer stuff, pay off maxed cards, max out black cards..

And then years pass.

I was afraid to say hi to you.
You were afraid to say hi to me.
I said hi to you and you ignored me.
You said hi to me and I ignored you.
I gave you a look you didn’t like so you ignored me.
You gave me a look I didn’t like so I ignored you.
I was the last look on your emotional camel’s back and you committed suicide
You were the last look on my emotional camel’s back and I committed suicide.

There’s still blood on both our Apple keyboards as the cursor flashes on the Facebook sign-in page.


I feel it important to mention that this is strictly an artistic piece for entertainment & educational purposes. Any suggestive language is intended to be expressive.

It is NOT a cry for help.