I have earlier posted in this group regarding my evidence that Mathew Franklin Whittier, not Edgar Allan Poe, wrote "The Raven." I would add to that post instead of starting a new one, but I can't seem to find it in this forum.

To recap, my evidence is presented in these two videos:



However, I just this morning found another strong piece of evidence. When Poe published his version of the poem, under his own name, in his own newspaper, the "Evening Mirror," he made some minor revisions. In the ninth stanza, he replaced the phrase "sublunary being" with "living human being."

It so happens that the word "sublunary" was one of Mathew's favorite words. In my digital archive of over 1,600 of his published works, I find that he used "sublunary" in 15 different pieces; and a cartoonish variation, deliberately misspelled, in another eight, for a total of 23. I have not done a survey of Poe's works, but I am guessing he didn't use it nearly that often (if at all).

This may seem like a small matter--but in context with the other clues, I think it pushes the whole thing over the top. At least, it should be strong enough, now, for people to take my theory seriously instead of summarily dismissing it.