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Thread: Why is the count pale and cold?

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    Why is the count pale and cold?

    I am about a third a way through the book. One thing I find a bit strange is Edmond Dantes strange transmogrification from pleasant young man to a sort of vampire. He's described as having a pale pallor and a cold, clammy touch. You have prison pallor when you first come out of prison, but it goes away when you've been in the sun a bit. I don't know why he'd be cold to touch. Never mind, it's only fiction.
    According to Aldous Huxley, D.H. Lawrence once said that Balzac was 'a gigantic dwarf', and in a sense the same is true of Dickens.
    Charles Dickens, by George Orwell

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    Dantes was cold to the touch due to his days aboard the Le Pharaon. He was particularly clammy at low tide.
    And this from a man in a bunny suit.

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