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    Minimalist Fiction

    I'm looking for reading suggestions in the style of minimalism. I know Hemingway and Carver. I recently watched the movie Tokyo Story, and I loved how understated everything was. The drama was in the subtext, just like Hemingway. I'm pointing this out because I'm not just looking for books that are written economically, with short sentences, etc. I'm looking for writing where the important events are often not shown but revealed subtly or suggested. I think that pulling this style off is very difficult without being boring. That's why I appreciate minimalistic stories, and I would like to hear suggestions of more books that use this "theory of omission" where things occur below the surface.

    Side question: I consider Bret Easton Ellis a minimalist writer, yet I looked up his top ten favorite books here: They are all great novelists – Flaubert, Joyce, Melville – but ironically non of them are minimalistic. How would a minimalist writer not have one minimalistic novel on his top ten novels? I thought this was interesting and worth mentioning.
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