Hey you-uns.

Maybe this is better placed as a blog, but I can't see where I can make a blog... so in my impatience I found another outlet I can pour forth words of drivel, or observations of the stuff that crosses my path.

Not much crossed my path so far because I slept so late. Since school ended for my son I no longer have to get up and make a bagged lunch for him. He's off to college in a few short weeks. As a result of my sloth, the vegetable garden is overgrown. I am thrilled that so much is coming up for a change, and amazed at the fortitude of the grasses that I am pulling. With my left hand.

Golden fur boy sprained my right thumb at one of the graduation parties the weekend before. My son brought him as his date; no complaints from me until the moment when doggy saw me, and ran up. His 85 lbs went up while my hand went down to restrain him. I missed his collar with most of my fingers, save my thumb, which didn't stand a chance against his enthusiasm.

Our party was the next day, and with most of the prep work done, we did okay. I was my own best customer at the Mai Tai punch bowl, so that helped.

Daily I wake up with a recognition that the sun shines on my shoulders golden opportunity for sweet reflections. Going up a few rungs today...