.Chapter 15
Questions without Answers
Sunday, after church services the two Callahan men went into the den, closed the door behind them to discuss the Gustavo twins, and the unusual conversation with Scott Pinkerton.
“Chris, I don’t have much faith in dead spirits, but I do believe in too many circumstances pointing in the same direction. That is why I am sure that the Gustavo twins are responsible for the disappearance of Pinkertonīs daughter. If you catch them poaching, most likely the charges will only result in a fine and loss of their hunting licenses...If I question them about the Barrette they will lie, and nothing will come of it. Then I am sure they will be put on alert and we will never be able to prove a damned thing. What I intend to do is have their movements watched as soon as their father has recovered .They are not the brightest individuals, eventually they will make a mistake that will give us the right opportunity to question them. Then we can to put enough pressure on them to cause them to panic. That is when they will make mistakes and give us the leverage we need to separate and question them. Individually they will fall apart. Then I am sure that what circumstantial proof we have is enough to convince my chief to at least give me a man to follow their movements. Do you agree Chris?”
“I agree with you, but there is no need for a tail at this time. Their father is not well after his heart attack and they are sticking close to him and their mother’s side. They are not going anywhere until he has recovered, and I don’t think that will be until late fall. So for now we wait, have a nice poker game and an excellent supper with our family.”
The matter settled they opened the door and got out the cards and pennies. It was while Chris was raking in a pile of pennies he had won playing deuces wild, when he was struck with an Idea.

“Clarence!!! We know that the twins will lie and most probably the father will back them up. But their mother believes her sons walk on water. We need find a way to talk to her alone, she we will know the day they gave the barrette to her. If we can tie them to the time Pinkertonīs daughter’s disappearance we will have enough proof to get a search warrant.”
While Chris was stacking his winnings, Clarence picked up the phone and called me. When he asked if my daughter was still seeing Rosalie Gustavo, I told him that she saw her twice a month to deliver cookies to Rosebuds.
He said, “Do a favor Bill. When she sees Misses Gustavo again, have her ask about the barrette and if she can remember what day it was when her son gave it to her.”
I told him that I would, but I wanted to know why, and is my daughter in danger?
“It is just a hunch Bill, just a hunch. You can be sure there is no danger for your daughter. When will she deliver her cookies? “
“I don’t know Clarence, but she is in the kitchen with her mother baking. Give me a minute and I will find out for you.”
As I am not allowed to enter when they are baking, I went to the kitchen door and asked.
Sylvia said. “Daddy, we always deliver my cookies on Tuesday and tomorrow is Tuesday. Now please do not interfere, your two master bakers, we are making money.”
I could not resist the chance to say. “I hope that you two will be able to reimburse me the money I am owed for the ingredients and electricity that I pay for.” Then I ducked before they could throw something at me.
When I returned to tell Clarence, he was laughing. “I overheard the entire conversation. Bill, I will call you at your office on Tuesday, tomorrow is Tuesday isn’t it?” Then he disconnected.
Tuesday morning, Beverly and my daughter arrived at Rosebuds to deliver her cookies, where they found the twins minding the shop. When Karl took the box of cookies from Sylvia, He explained that she would not need to deliver more cookies until October after school started again. “My father has been released by his doctor, and mom has gone to bring him home. Then we are closing Rosebuds until our father had time to completely recover.”
Sylvia gave him the bill for her cookies and even though she was disappointed she said. “I understand, and your daddy is so lucky to have you to take care of him. When he comes home please tell him that I will pray he gets well soon.”
As Karl handed her the check he said. “Thank you, and that is a beautiful barrette my mom gave you, be very careful you don’t lose it.”