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Thread: He there. Not a writer but I want to start.

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    Red face He there. Not a writer but I want to start.

    I am a 21 year old male, nerdy and I have a learning disability. I still want to practice writing because its good for the brain, and who knows where it will lead me. I am obsessed with nerdy fiction, anything "fantasy/adventure" will always catch my eye. Character design is what really draws me into a book, so I guess I break the "Don't judge a book by its cover" rule. I have one of those "Finish the story" books to exercise creative writing which is a slow start. Better than nothing. Hoping to make friends with the same interests as me!
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    Welcome to the site, ThatsAll. Don't worry about the learning disability. It won't stop you from expressing what you have to say--in the long or probably even short term. There are many types of writing, so if you're not happy with your work with one, you can always experiment with another. Everyone finds his or her talents eventually. will find you're talent(s) eventually. Good luck and welcome again to LitNet.
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