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Thread: Which is your favorite Dickens novel?

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    Dickens is about his characters. They are rather fantastic. I really love the Mr. Micawber from David Copperfield. He is a perfect example of people just trying to work hard with what they have. His bits crack me up every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkMage7790 View Post
    My favorite novel is David Copperfield because of how well the characters are created, but I am also thinking I need to reread Tale of Two Cities again. Maybe when I find sometime...Though I was planning on reading the Iliad next because I know the story and had to read the Odyssey at school long ago so I really should start at the beginning of this series of conflict.
    It was Dickens' favourite as well. I get the impression that it used to be thought Dickens' masterpiece - I had an uncle who was named David after the hero.

    Little Dorrit as good as Bleak House, but if you would only read one, make it Bleak House not only for the characters (but don't forget Mrs Jellaby and Mr Chadband) but for the atmosphere - fog bound legal London and rain swept Chesney Wold, Miss Flite's birds, the graveyard, Tom All Alones.
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