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Thread: Do You Think Anna's Death was Realistic in Anna Karenina?

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    Do You Think Anna's Death was Realistic in Anna Karenina?

    What do you think about Anna's death? Personally, I think her death was too contrived and hardly real. Leo Tolstoy wanted her to die and forced her death upon her without sound psychological grounds. That was the author's greatest error in this work. No one kills him or herself on a haunch that your boyfriend is going to abandon you. Anna was somewhat unstable toward the end, but not crazy. What's your take?

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    I adored the novel but thought the entire ending, from Anna's suicide onward, was less than convincing because Tolstoy verges on preaching. Nevertheless, when life seems hard, many do abandon healthy habits with unpredictable consequences.

    Vronsky's sustained devotion to Anna was remarkable in the circumstances but all of us need room to move. With her claustrophobic love, the once courageous rebel would have distanced anyone. Vronsky was fighting for Anna’s sanity and his own…both losing battles in the end.
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