PeterL is a regular blogger at Litnet. I rarely read his blog, but I read and commented on two of his recent blog posts.

In his post “Restoring Civility” (4/6/19) Peter advocates a return to the 1950s, when “shopping bag ladies” (evidently noisome to Peter) were rarely seen. I commented on his unpersuasive arguments. When I looked at the entry several days later, a paragraph had been inserted into my comment that I did not write, would never write, and would be incapable of writing (because of the awkward phrasing as much as the fulsome sentiments). It read:

“Of course Peter's ideas run contrary to what the current American administration puts forth*“

Peter had responded to “my” post by writing, “I suppose that someone who gets his news from Fox might have those opinions, but If you had been paying attention during the Eisenhower administration, then you might have noticed that there were no "shopping bag ladies" wandering around; they were housed in lunatic asylums, if they weren't at the local town farm.”

Underneath “my” comment was this note: “Updated Yesterday at 04:26 AM by*PeterL*(clarity)”

“Clarity”? Come on now, Peter. Cut out the slimy and obnoxious tactics. They lack any redeeming finesse, wit, or entertainment value. I don't much care (except that I find the notion that I would write such trite drivel as “runs contrary” or “puts forth” demeaning). However, in a blog post entitled “Restoring Civility” such tactics hint at what Peter's notions of “civility” entail.