My planet is not one of much interest.I have seen no gold, harvested no oil or other fuels. All that i have seen is the island, and an endless ocean. My only friends are the lepzarks, squat four-legged creatures with a rough, pebbly skin and a taste for insects. So why these strange men wearing strange materials on thier bodies baffles me.
"GREB'JA FREG MO SKODASH!", I yell at them, brandishing my poke stick at them.
They hand me some strange metal disc. I stare at it, only paying attention to the golden designs on the top. Noticing that they wear the same strange metal plate on the materials they have covered their bodies in, i imitate their style with the disk.
I say my previous statement to them "What is your purpose here," the strange metal disk says.
"We are from the Universal protection society, and we are here to asses if there is intelligent life on this planet," they reply, almost sounding bored with the response.
the disk translates my words "Well you found me," I state
"Yes, but we must know if there are others like you," they say.h
"there were," I reply, "but now it is only me."
I watch their faces for a response, but all i get is a blank stare.
"If there is no one else then we shall report back to HQ,"they say, and suddenly vanish in a flash of purple light. Leaving me alone once more.
But i do not mind the lonelyness or abandonment. I have grown used to it by now.
The others on the floating colony taught me that the hard way.