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Thread: Books set in the Middle East / Books about Expats

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    Books set in the Middle East / Books about Expats


    I'm moving to the Middle East this year, was wondering if you could recommend any of the following:
    1) Books set in the Middle East
    2) Books about expatriates.


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    Alexandria Quartet by Lawrence Durrell. Some people think it's a masterpiece. Other people, like myself, think it's a load of pretension toss.
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    Eothen by Kinglake.
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    Paul Bowles of course! Expat extraordinaire. "The Sheltering Sky" is soooo good...bleak, but worth it.

    Don't pass up Naguib Mahfouz! His Cairo Trilogy is on my short list of readings.
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    Olivia Manning - The Levant Trilogy - sequel to The Balkan Trilogy. In the first three books the heroine and her impossible husband are in Romania at the start of World War 2 and escape to Alexandria for the second trilogy.

    Muriel Spark - The Mandelbaum Gate - set around Jerusalem in the 60s.

    Which bit of the Middle East did you have in mind? It's a big place.
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    "Arabian Sands"by Wilfred Thesiger. Thesiger was one of the last great British explorers. He was the first European to explore the empty southern section of the Arabian desert -- which had never been mapped or explored as recently as the 1950s. He wrote a book about it, and this is it.

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    Thesiger was a good writer. He was a friend of Gavin Maxwell also a good writer who wrote A Reed Shaken by the Wind (Biblical allusion) about the Marsh Arabs of Southern Iraq. Dated now but still interesting.

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