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Thread: Christchurch, new zealand. Friday 15th march 2019

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    There is a long tradition of churches being places of sanctuary. Nonetheless, Biggus is flirting with bigotry. He writes:

    Well as a person of faith i do care and I do feel it when tragedy strikes, and as a PoF being murdered while at prayer has more significance.
    So Jerrybaldy can stay here and be offended by our compassion or take his bile elsewhere its all the same to me.
    Why "as a person of faith"? Is Biggus suggesting that atheists and agnostics do NOT feel it when tragedy strikes?

    In addition, why should whether Biggus is a "Pof" make any difference as to whether "being murdered while at prayer has more significance."? Is it because such a murder targets Biggus's brethren? Is he suggesting that he would care far less if a bunch of atheistic school children were murdered? Perhaps that's not what Biggus means, but it's certainly what is suggested by what he writes.

    God created a world (so say the faithful) in which everyone suffers and dies. To a God existing beyond time and space. it would make no difference whether someone dies in a massacre or in bed, at age 94. Both are (from His perspective) equally either tragic or benign. It is only to us humans (bound by time and space) that one demise seems more tragic than the other. We all like to believe we are somehow guaranteed out three score and ten (or has modern medicine made it four score and ten?). We also empathize with the survivors, especially parents whose children might be murdered. Nonetheless, to believe that "being murdered while at prayer has more significance..." suggests bigotry. Think of the converse: "Being murdered at prayer has less significance." If the latter suggests bigotry, wouldn't the former?

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    Time to move on.
    And this from a man in a bunny suit.

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