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Thread: Some good graveyard scenes?

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    Thrilling graveyard scenes?

    I'm doing a studie for school about graveyards in fiction and could really need some help if you know any thrilling graveyard scenes.
    I'm mostly interested in the horror/terror genre but other as well.

    Bram Stoker - Dracula, when Lucy walks through the graveyard as a vampire.
    Edgar Allan Poe - Berenice, when Egaeus go to the graveyard to dig up his cousins grave.
    Stephen King - Pet Sematary, obviously.
    Dickens - Great Expectations, the opening scen.

    Any other that comes to mind?
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    Fog in the Barrow Downs in "The Fellowship of the Ring".

    The end of "Wuthering Heights".

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    Think there's one or two in Woman In White by Wilkie Collins. iirc Anne Catherick (is that her name) was cleaning Mrs Fairlie's grave stone.
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    I don't know if you would call them "thrilling" but Twain uses graveyard settings in Tom Sawyer and in Huck Finn. Gaiman sets a novel in a graveyard. I recall that Moonfleet has scenes set in a cemetery and crypt. There are probably quite a few.

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    Wuthering Heights has a few graveyard scenes worth visiting.

    Also Confessions of a Justified Sinner is book-ended with the discovery of the Justified Sinner's bones.

    Waveley by Scott similarly so.

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    The graveyard scene in Hamlet. Duh ...

    One of Sherlock Holmes short stories takes place inside a tomb mausoleum. I have to check what the title is because I don't remember right now.
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